About Us

Colorful Escapes is a global travel series where art is the destination. The show highlights art galleries, art museums, public art, and artist studios, as well as restaurants and hotels with an emphasis on art. Basically, if it’s creative and artistic, we’ll visit it.

Hosted by Heide Brandes from producer Dennis Spielman.

About Heide Brandes

Series Host
Heide Brandes is an award-winning journalist and editor with more than 18 years of experience who started her own freelance writing company in October 2012. She regularly contributes to numerous state, regional and national publications and has been published in Forbes, Silicon66, Bloomberg News, The Guardian UK, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, TrailGroove Magazine, Destinations Travel Magazine, New York Daily News and the New York Times. She is also the Oklahoma correspondent for Reuters News Service.

Besides freelancing fulltime, Heide is an avid traveler, medieval warrior, hiker, professional bellydancer and bellydance instructor and kind of a quirky chick who lives in Oklahoma City.

About Dennis Spielman

Series Creator and Producer
Dennis Spielman is a filmmaker and writer whose most notable work is his travel and interview series, Uncovering Oklahoma. In addition to his travel series, he’s author of the 16th Phoenix Universe Stories, director of the feature length documentaries, District Up! and Inviting Art, and has created several short films and music videos. He currently lives with his wife in Norman, Oklahoma with his fur babies.